Safety Brackets for Modern Upright Pianos (303b)

Safety Brackets for Modern Upright Pianos (303b)

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Safety Castors

Upright pianos are inherently unstable. They are very heavy, and a disproportionate amount of that weight is high up at the back. Upright pianos, especially in public places, & being moved by unskilled hands, are accidents waiting to happen. Please take a look at our safety brackets & rear toe kits to see how these potential hazards can be reduced.


Safety Brackets for Modern Upright Pianos

Our safety brackets are supplied in pairs. They are adjustable to suit the depth of the piano concerned, and are dished so that the piano remains close to its original height. Additional stability is gained because the rear castors sit outboard at the back of the instrument. The brackets are fitted with non-marking rubber wheels and are finished in satin black.

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